Council appoints committees, boards, and subcommittees

Town of Southington


More than 100 appointments were made at the Town Council meeting on Nov. 23, as the newly-elected council named town officials and residents to serve on several boards, committees, and subcommittees.

The Assistant Town Attorney was appointed in a unanimous vote at the meeting, after being nominated by Councilor Ed Pocock III.

Jeremy Taylor, Attorney at Jeremy Taylor Law, LLC, will serve as assistant to Town Attorney Mark Sciota. Taylor’s Plantsville practice serves Southington, Plainville, Cheshire, Bristol, and greater Hartford County.

Town Council Chairman Mike Riccio began his appointments with the Southington Enterprise Zone and Economic Development (SEED) Committee, to which he said no changes were made.

Several members were reappointed to the SEED Committee—Gary Saucier and Dave Pestillo will represent the business community; Lucille Cusano will serve as the tech representative; Jeffery Gagnon will represent the business community; Juanita Champagne will represent the neighborhood organization; Erick Semmel will serve as a zone resident; and Dana Rickard will serve as a business owner.

Reappointed SEED officials include Jack Daly and Terri Carmody from the Board of Education, Stephen Palmieri from the Housing Authority, Town Manager Garry Brumback, and Economic Development Coordinator Lou Perillo. Pocock will represent the Town Council.

All appointments passed unanimously.

Bob Galati was reappointed for four years on the Board of Park Commissioners, and Mike Baker was appointed by Cheryl Lounsbury to the Central Regional Tourism District Board for a three-year term.

Christopher Robertson was appointed by Councilor Chris Palmieri to serve on the Board of Fire Commissioners for six years.

Palmieri recognized that Robertson will replace Dolores Longo, who served on the board for eight years, following 25-years of service on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

Triano nominated four new Library Directors—Heidi Bittner, Pat Kraut, Beth Pestillo, Kelly Nichols—and Palmieri reappointed Bob Cusano and Marion Manware, totaling six appointed directors.

Stephanie Urillo, former Town Councilor, was reaffirmed for a three-year term on the Regional Health District Board, along with reappointed councilor John Barry and Brumback, who is required to serve on the board as Town Manager.

Steve Kalkowski will serve four years on the Board of Police Commissioners, and Susan Spatafore was appointed to the DisAbility Commission. All those present were sworn in by the Town Clerk and congratulated by Chairman Riccio and the Council.

Chairman Riccio also announced his appointments to subcommittees.

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Committee and Self Insurance Committee will remain the same.

Dr. Shane Lockwood will chair the EMS Committee, with Dr. Eric Hobert, Cheryl Lounsbury, Anthony D’Angelo, William Della Vecchia, Harold Clark, William Palmieri, Amanda Rochette, Sciota and Jeremy Rodorgio serving again on the committee.

Joe Labieniec will again chair the Self Insurance Committee, serving with Councilors Barry and Paul Champagne, Kevin Beaudoin, Sal Dominello, and Ex-Officio’s Sciota, Joe Spurgeon, Sherri DiNello and Emilia Portelinha.

Riccio announced that the Apple Harvest Committee will now be co-chaired by Councilors Lounsbury and Lombardi.

Denise Lewicki from Lincoln College and Al Monbaron from the Chamber of Commerce will also serve the committee, with Dave Laprey, Sciota, John Daly, Jim Champagne and Melissa Salmon.

Pocock will Chair the Sewer Committee, serving with Champagne, Palmieri, Brumback, John Moise, Jim Grappone and Mike Finoia.

The Economic Development Strike Committee will be chaired by Riccio, and Triano will chair the Open Space and Land Acquisition Committee.

Triano will serve on Open Space with Dawn Miceli, Bob Berjmoes, Jen Clock, Brumback, Ed Pocock, Jr., and Bob Berkmoes. Sciota.

Dave Lavallee will serve as the committee’s representing staff, and Stephanie Urillo as the public liason.

Mike DeFeo will chair the Facility Advisory Committee, with Dawn Miceli, Patricia Queen and Greg Ferry.

Councilors Triano, Lounsbury, and Barry will remain on the Health and Well Being Committee.

Lounsbury will chair the Ordinance Review Committee, serving with Bill Palmieri, Chris Palmieri, Brumback and Sciota.

Champagne will chair both the Public Works Committee and the Building Committee for the Calendar House.

Lombardi, Palmeiri, John Leary, Brumback, Jack Daly, Jim Coleman, Fred Rogers, Keith Hayden and Annette Turnquist will serve on Public Works.

The Calendar House committee is a new establishment—Peter Freeman will represent the Calendar House and senior population, with Mike Fortier serving for mechanical trade, Tom Pizzitola for electrical trade, Ralph Warner for plumbing, Mark Lovely for the general building.

Sciota and ex-officio Bob Verdeame will also join the committee.

Additionally, Town Manager Brumback appointed Sharon O’Brien to a five-year term on the Southington Housing Authority, and Mike Guadio to a five-year term on the Parking Authority.

Brumback also appointed four Constables—Tom DelSanto, Chris Fields, Mike Guadio, and Gerry Dandrow—with Palmieri reappointing Constables Dennis Conroy and Dave Zoni.

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