Council re-elects Town Attorney and party leaders

Michael A. Riccio (R) retained his seat as majority leader on the Town Council.

Michael A. Riccio (R) retained his seat as majority leader on the Town Council.


The Town Council was sworn in on Nov. 9 by Town Clerk Kathy Larkin, prior to holding their first meeting since the election.

Before beginning the regular meeting, the council voted to elect their Chairperson and Vice Chairperson, to appoint the Town Attorney, and to designate the Minority Party Leader.

In four unanimous votes, no changes were made to these positions.

Michael Riccio (R) was re-elected as Chairman of the Town Council, with Cheryl Lounsbury (R) returning as vice chair.

“If we continue to move forward on the agenda that we’ve presented over the past two years, I think we’re going to be in great shape and I look forward to working with everybody,” said Riccio after his election.

“He’s innovative, he’s got plans for the future,” said Councilor Ed Pocock III, who nominated Riccio for Chairman. “I respect the way he has run the Council in the past two years.”

Tom Lombardi nominated Lounsbury to serve a second term as vice chair.

“She is greatly respected not only here on the Council but in the community,”

said Lombardi.

After being elected, Lounsbury nominated Mark Sciota for reappointment as Town Attorney.

“He [Sciota] knows the community, the people of the community, and the problems of the town,” said Lounsbury. “Somehow he is able to bring that all to the council when we need his advice and direction.”

Sciota was appointed, and a motion was passed to table the appointment of an Assistant Town Attorney.

Later on in the meeting, the Council also designated the leader of the minority party.

Under a Republican super majority, councilor Chris Palmieri (D), will lead the Democratic minority party for two more years.

Palmieri, nominated by John Barry (D), has served as minority leader since 2011.

All nominations passed unanimously in roll call votes. Councilor Victoria Triano (R), was not present for the votes or meeting.

The council also voted unanimously to adopt their permanent rules of procedure and their meeting schedule for 2016.

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