Town updates Open Space website

For more information and maps, visit

For more information and maps, visit


The Town of Southington launched an improved and updated website branch this fall, dedicated to the town’s open space.

The Open Space and Land Acquisition Committee was started in 1998, and contains more than 550 acres of land. This year, the committee began a marketing campaign to raise awareness about access to these lands.

Town Councilor and committee member Dawn Miceli said the committee members “commenced a several-prong strategy that included a new logo, mission statement, marketing video and an enhanced website.

The web page, found on offers a printable “Open Space Guide” and a list of “Open Space Opportunities” in town.

The list includes nine locations, such as Crescent Lake, the Goat Island Parcel, and the Korin Property, with details and maps for each site.

“Prior to this undertaking, the website was not very consumer friendly” said Miceli, “it didn’t offer a lot of relevant details on our various land parcels and was quite one-dimensional.”

Miceli said the new website “now features somewhat of a tour of our land holdings and educates visitors on each site’s individual characteristics.”

Beside the name of each space is information on their location, a description of the environment in the area, detailed directions and suggestions for easy access.

Viewers also have the opportunity to click a link that will direct them to a map with that particular space’s exact location.

The printable guide is available in a brochure format, and offers contact information for committee members, acreage information for each parcel, and photos from a few of the town’s open spaces.

“We hope our residents will take a moment and peruse the site,” said Miceli, “and then get out and enjoy all that our open space lands offer in terms of passive recreation.”

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