‘Crazy Brew Bash’ REACHes Mt. Southington

Brew Fest- Jessica Rubin (of Bristols Firefly Hollow) serves Jim Ferro and Mike Smith (of Bristol)

Jessica Rubin of Firefly Hollow in Bristol serves Jim Ferro and Mike Smith at the Crazy Brew Bash at Mount Southington on Saturday, Oct. 17. Visitors were able to enjoy an open beer tasting, accompanied by live music, lawn game tournaments, and a variety of food truck vendors. Proceeds for the event will benefit the REACH foundation’s efforts.


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Brew Fest-Rob Armstrong of Broadbrook Brewing of East WindsorBrew Fest- (6) Brew Fest-Julie Nearing of The Traveling Vineyard with-Lori Michaud, Allison Smiachel Rosenweig Brew Fest-Jason Devivo (of Norwalk) and Jay Doris (Southington) Brew Fest- Jessicca Rubin and Rich Loomis Brew Fest- Jennifer Dowd serves Angry Orchard products Brew Fest- craft vendors were also there Brew Fest- Brendan Till (of Bristol) and Chris Gotfredson (serving Spiked Seltzer)


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