Letter: Reader doesn’t like Hatton Meadow politics

We invite readers to contribute letters to the editor. Please include a name, address, and phone number and email us at  JGoralski@ SouthingtonObserver.com.

We invite readers to contribute letters to the editor. Please include a name, address, and phone number and email us at JGoralski@ SouthingtonObserver.com.

To the Editor:

Let me start off by saying that I am a local business owner, registered independent, and longtime resident of Southington. This letter is in regards to the slanderous actions of the Democratic leaders in Southington regarding the Hatton Meadow solar project, the shameful treatment of Town Councilman Tom Lombardi, and claims about the FOI (freedom of information) documents regarding the solar project.

The leaders of the Democratic Party in town have done nothing but sling mud in attempts to boost their party’s agenda. They have made claims that once the FOI (freedom of information) documents were released, all their claims would be proven. The FOI documents were made public no later than Sept. 17, and this group has since fallen silent.

The clearly disingenuous attempts to take shots at a councilman while boosting their own candidate is deplorable. They are proving why I have always hated politics, but I cannot sit here and watch these games go on regarding the town I grew up in, the town that I love. Clearly, this is “election season politics” and a failed attempt to divide the people into an “us vs. them” mentality rather than uniting everyone as humans.

While I understand that everyone is sitting tight and waiting to see what the judge decides on the Hatton Meadow Project, I pose this question, Why was this misguided group posturing their angle and stating “You will see once the FOI documents are released?” Now that the documents are readily available, why haven’t they said “See, I told you so?”

I am writing this editorial as an open minded town resident with no political affiliation. I write this as a small business owner in town who is sick of the political BS and agendas, in this case from the town Democrats.

Our last hope is for a strong and honest local government because God knows the federal government will never look out for “we the people.” The attempted tactics that people like Edward Rosenblat (Democratic town chairman), John Moise (former Democratic Board of Finance Chairman), and Stephen Leggett (Democratic town council candidate) are appalling.

Unfortunately, while all this mudslinging goes on, there is no way for the average resident to learn the truth without filtering through layer upon layer of disjointed views and biased opinions.

That being the case, I would hope that everyone would stop for a second and just take a deep breath. Without coming together to peacefully come to a conclusion, the proper decision will never come to fruition. What is best for the town and “we the people” doesn’t necessarily match up to any one agenda.

Therein lies the problem with electing candidates each election cycle. Politics and government is a business hence why it must register as a municipality. Some people can’t seem to grasp that. Government exists to generate, save, and collect money. Period. My personal opinions and beliefs don’t matter because they are my own. The one thing I will say though is this, as far as the solar projects in town: I am supportive of solar energy. It not only gets us off fossil fuels and helps us go green, but it lowers our carbon foot print and saves our town money. The complaints that it is an ‘eye sore’ are again, an opinion. ‘Eye sore’ isn’t enough reason, in my opinion, for preventing positive change and progress for the Town of Southington.

Brian Joyce, Southington

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