Constitution Day discussion at Lincoln College

Lincoln College of New England 2279 Mt Vernon Rd, Southington, CT 06489 (860) 628-4751

Lincoln College of New England
2279 Mt Vernon Rd, Southington, CT 06489
(860) 628-4751


Lincoln College of New England celebrated Constitution Day on Thursday, Sept. 17 by inviting local legislators, leaders, and students to participate in a panel discussion about interpreting the constitution.

Two professors from the college, Associate Dean Mark Anderson, who holds a bachelor’s degree in political science with a master’s in military history and public policy and William Morgan, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice and former police officer at the state capitol, shared their academic opinions of the constitution and voting history.

Joining the conversation from the state and local political spectrum were Senator Joe Markley (R-Conn.), Representative Rob Sampson (R-Conn.), and Republican Registrar Bob Sherman, while LCNE student Mark Panus, representing the Student Government Association, shared a student’s perspective of the topic.

“The College is grateful to our esteemed panelists for their spirit of conversation on the topic,” Denise Lewicki, President of LCNE, said about the conversation that students, staff, and faculty were invited to hear this Constitution Day.

The panel discussion allowed each participant to offer their opinions and knowledge of what the constitution does or does not say in regards to a number of policies and issues.

The participants discussed historical issues and progress surrounding voting rights, eligibility, and expansion of voting rights to minority groups.

Also up for discussion were current voting habits, eligibility, and participation in elections and campaigns in recent years.

“Constitution Day is an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge of the Constitution, and understand its far-reaching ramifications that have both shaped our history and our lives,” said Lewicki.

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