Scafariello turns up the heat for the Blues: Southington slugger sits down with The Observer

Liam Scafariello

13 Liam Scafariello

Liam Scafariello had a rough start to his collegiate career, coming right from Southington High School to playing summer collegiate baseball with the Bristol Blues.

However, since the all-star break, he has been breaking out and is becoming one of the leaders on the team. Liam Scafariello sat down with the Observer to talk about the inaugural season of the Bristol Blues.

How has the journey been thus far?

It’s been an amazing ride. Coming from the high school season and going straight into the college world has just been amazing. I’ve learned so many lessons already to bring them into next year. I’m excited.

What are some of those lessons that you learned?

How to act in the clubhouse and how to play balls that are hit hard at you. It’s stuff that you can’t teach in high school. You just have to experience it when you’re around college kids.

Since you decided not to attend UConn, have you chosen another school?

I am going to attend San Jacinto College in Texas next year. I just didn’t feel that UConn was the right fit. I talked to the scout and he gave me some options of JUCO’s (junior college). I called up them up, they said they liked me, and I committed on the phone.

What was it about their program that attracted you?

They are phenomenal. In the past 15 years, they’ve been to 11 JUCO College World Series and they always make a push for the national championship.

Why did you choose to spend your summer playing for the Bristol Blues?

UConn put me in this league just to get me ready for the college season. It’s a great experience for me because it’s more of a transition, going from high school to college. This summer built me up to get ready for the fall.

How do you think the Bristol Blues will prepare you for college baseball?

The pitching is so much different and is harder. They throw better, off-speed pitches. It will get me used to seeing it and get me ready for the fall so that I don’t struggle.

What’s the atmosphere like inside the locker room?

It’s great. We’re always joking around. We know we have a job to do as soon as we step on the field, but before a game or once the game is over, we’re always just chilling, listening to music, and joking around with each other. It’s really relaxing in there.

How was the transition from first base with Blue Knights to playing right field for the Blues?

It was different because last time I played right field, I was in my junior year. Kids weren’t hitting as hard and as far. I was talking to the outfielders because they play college baseball and they were teaching me how to read balls. It really helps me out.

Are you happy in right field?

I absolutely love it. That’s my primary position. I just love being there. You can’t explain it.

What was it like playing every day in front of paying crowds?

It’s great. Playing in front of small crowds to playing in front of 1,100 on average a night is great. Whenever we score a run, they get all crazy and start screaming. It gets me all fired up and makes me want to play better.

Has there been a particular coach that has really helped you out the most thus far?

I would say Barry. Before the games when we’re taking batting practice on the field, he always gives me little tips on how to improve my swing. I really appreciate it, with him being an ex-major leaguer.

How would you rate yourself thus far on the season?

I struggled. I’m not going to lie. I struggled a lot. That’s just me being a young player. I’m not making excuses. I’ll take it and just try to get better everyday.

What’s your entrance music when you come up to the plate?

I actually just changed it today. Before, it was “Slow Loud & Bangin.” Now, it’s “I Don’t Get Tired.” That’s just a song I put on and it gets me fired up.

What’s your favorite part about being a Bristol Blue?

I love the fans. They come out every night and support us. We’re just a bunch of college kids trying to win a championship. It’s just fun.

Do you have a special memory or favorite moment thus far being associated with this organization?

My first hit as a Bristol Blue was a homerun at the Seacoast Mavericks.

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