The next generation of Blue Knights sweep through the soccer fields of SHS

Southington coach Dave Yanosy held his Blue Knights Boys’ Soccer Clinic at Southington High School from nine to eleven in the morning from June 29-July 2.

“I thought it was a great outcome,” said Yanosy. “We were really pleased with how attentive the kids were in the last session. They seemed liked they were ready to listen and willing to learn. They were willing to apply all the stuff that we were trying to teaching them.”

The clinic was broken down into a few different sections. The first section is the dynamic warm-up where Yanosy and his staff got the kids used to the idea of getting their bodies ready to play the game of soccer. The warm-up consisted of dynamic stretches and speed drills, consisting of footwork around field cones. The second section is the technical portion of the clinic. This section focuses on having the kids build a foundation towards developing technical skills, in order to have a solid base to work from, such as one-touch passing, trapping, dribbling, and shooting. The third section is the tactical portion of the clinic. The kids now take the basic, tactical concepts that they have learned and apply them to game-type situations, such as making five passes before shooting, trying to work on movement without the ball, and looking to pass instead of booting the ball downfield.


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