Gov. Malloy grants $400K for housing rehab efforts

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Southington will receive $400 thousand for housing improvements, as part of a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG,) announced by Governor Dannel Malloy and Commissioner Evonne M. Klein on July 30.

The grants are awarded to municipalities who seek to enhance their communities and further economic development.

The governor and commissioner said the grants are considered investments in neighborhoods, communities and economies across the state.

Southington was one of 12 municipalities chosen for the program, which provided $12 million in statewide funding, administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

“These projects will help so many local communities increase quality of life and make our state an even more attractive place to live, work and do business,” said Gov. Malloy in a press release Thursday.

The Community Development Block Grant Small Cities Program targets communities with populations smaller than 50,000 residents.

“The CDBG program is a great opportunity for our smaller towns to apply for, and receive, funding for important projects in their communities,” said Klein.

Southington’s representatives were pleased with the opportunity to invest in town improvements.

“It’s important that our smaller communities are not forgotten when it comes to state funding of local projects,” said State Representative David Zoni (D-Conn,) “this grant represents a welcomed investment in our community.”

Southington’s funding will go toward a Housing Rehabilitation program, with plans to renovate 12 units.

“These funds will allow essential code upgrades and renovations to take place in several moderate to low-income housing units, ensuring better living conditions in these units, and safer conditions in and around these facilities,” said Rep. Rob Sampson (R-Conn).

The funded upgrades will include removal of asbestos and lead paint, improved electrical and heating systems, and replacements of windows and roofs.

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