Letter: Reader applauds the Southington Library staff

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To the editor:

My family and I have lived in Southington going-on 50 years. We’ve seen many good things get better. One of the outstanding low-profile gems is our town library. Hats off to the staff that provides consistently excellent caring and professional service.

Sue Smayda, has done—and does do—a super job. So, if anyone is interested in investing their time, effort or even bequesting donation dollars where they are certain to yield results, there is no better place.

It’s a guaranteed quick and high return on your investment. With the availability of information becoming more and more critical, and importance of a quality on-ramp to the internet being an ever increasingly vital element of success to all at all levels, we should continue to encourage the “town fathers” to keep up with meeting room sizes, quality media collection, and DVD collection funding.

I am confident they will—just giving them a heads-up from a usually silent voice.

To the library crew: a kudo from my U.S. Navy days: Well Done.

E.D. Cormier, Plantsville

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