Letter: Reader is disappointed with placement of town solar panels

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To the editor:

It was very disappointing last week to have our Town Council, again, approved to take two acres of pristine open space and replace it with a utility of solar panels. Surrounding towns have opted to use disturbed land rather than existing open space for their solar panel projects.

This idea was suggested at the last meeting but rejected. After a narrow, 5-4 vote, in favor of taking open space for a solar panel array, the council approved to have a fall referendum for $2 million to purchase open space in town. This does not seem to make sense to us when the Hatton property is already town owned property that can be used as open space.

This property is a very special place for both students of the school and Hatton’s neighbors as it has a unique, natural, space that can be used for both recreation and education. This is difficult to find in Southington.

There’s no doubt alternative energy is the wave of the future, but deciding where it should be installed needs considerable and careful thought. We do believe these plans were not thoroughly thought through. Consequently, four members of the Town Council, after giving more thought to the project, have changed their views since the original unanimous vote.

It might be time to slow down and make the right decisions for the entire community.

Bob and Alicia Mroz, Southington

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