Police are looking for vandals at Recreation Park

Southington Police Dept (web)

Between June and July of 2015 numerous incidents of vandalism have taken place in Recreation Park, and the Southington Police Department is requesting the public’s help in attempting to identify the individual(s) responsible.

Acts of vandalism have been widespread. Portable toilets, garbage cans, and bleachers have been overturned. Areas of the park have been spray painted with graffiti, and soccer nets have been cut. The vandalism has taken place during the late evening and early morning hours.

The Southington Police Department (SPD) is currently conducting extensive directed patrols of Recreation Park and will be actively enforcing town ordinance violations within the park. Anyone found in the park after hours will be subjected to enforcement action.

Park hours are outlined in following section of the Southington Town Ordinances:
“Sec. 14-2. Hours of operation.
[Ord. of 5-27-80, § 9.1]Parks shall be open from one-half hour after sunrise to one-half hour after sunset. No person shall enter or remain in park or recreation areas at other times except in those areas specifically designated, lighted and authorized for use by the park and recreation board.”

Police are encouraging anyone with information regarding the vandalism to contact Detective Wojenski at (860) 378-1644 or to call the confidential SPD tip line at (860) 378-1600, ext. 2800.

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