Letter: Reader protests Council’s placement of solar panels

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To the editor:

Once upon a time there was a beautiful meadow, full of wild grasses, native plants, bees, butterflies, and insects of all sorts. Birds made their nests in nearby trees. Deer, rabbits, and other animals frequented the meadow, as did people walking their dogs and children flying kites, looking for bugs, or climbing rocks.

If the Southington Town Council is to have their way, this meadow will be no more. This open space of nature will be gone. They have decided, against the protests of many, to turn this pristine meadow into an ugly field of solar panels, surrounded by a fence.

At the same time, Monday night, June 22, they appropriated $2 million to buy open space. Does this make sense? I don’t think so.

The people of Hatton neighborhood are grieved by this. We feel betrayed that we weren’t notified appropriately that this was being planned since last year; that once we learned about it and 40 of us showed up at the Town council, giving not only solid factual suggestions of alternate plans to place the panels elsewhere, but baring our hearts on how much this land means to us, the Council voted, 5-4, to continue with the plans.

We thank the four who took our pleas to heart and truly understand.

I really believed that our Town Council was for the people, by the people… What happened?

Carole Peterson, Southington

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