Letter: Reader misses the kids at Calendar House

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To the editor:

Did you know that some Southington seniors continue to have lunch together most every day during the week—even after the end of the school year? All of these seniors have so much in common, be it high school cafeteria table or Calendar House round table.

Yeah, we all love to each hot lunch, talk, tell stories, sit with certain friends, not sit with others, laugh together, cry together, and the list goes on and on. People are people no matter their age, and sharing life together is a precious gift.

I heard some folks at my table comment the other day, “I sure miss those kids. Don’t you?”

“Yeah, me too. I was just thinking I really miss them, too,” another piped up.

“Well, it’s the end of the school year. That’s why they are not here,” some well-meaning soul tried to tell us.

We all knew why. Nonetheless, the end of the school year hit us hard this year. The volunteers from DePaolo Middle School who take turns serving us faithfully and come every school day—even when they have early dismissal—are gone for the summer.

They pass out food to us, our daily milk, salad, or dessert. They come around to ask, “Would you like more bread and butter?”

“It isn’t really butter,” one guy, Doc, always tells them. “It’s margarine.”

They get the ice water pitcher and cups and ask each table, “Does anyone want some water?”

I always say, “Yes, two glasses pleas as I have to take pancreatic enzymes throughout my meal.”

All the young men and women who volunteer to serve us interact with us more and more as the teams take turns, and we all get to know each other better. We ask questions, back and forth, share interesting answers, and banter together.

They are such a gift. I am sure I speak for each senior when I say a huge “Thank you” to the DePaolo Middle School student volunteers for sharing your lives with us this past school year. Thank you for choosing to faithfully serve us. We appreciate each one of you for taking time with us every day.

Tonight, my husband and I were blessed by Chris Iverson, a Boy Scout from Troop 67. He took time to chat with us, at our request, about his future educational plans at the fund raising dinner at Grace Methodist Church. He was working hard to generate the needed funds for his Eagle Scout project, consisting of repairing six rose arbors at the Barnes Museum. A fellow Scout, James Brino, from Troop 45 was in the kitchen all night, providing much-needed support to Chris.

By the way, if you missed the dinner, it was the best pasta dinner we ever attended. Chris gave all the credit to the many people who gave of themselves to make it a success.

Southington continues to be our Hallmark town. What could be better than training our youth to appreciate the worthiness of reaching out to the community as we encourage them to be their best.

Roxane Telesha, Southington

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