Southington children’s librarians honored

Southington librarians Cindy Wall and Lynn Pawloski are this year's recipients of the Faith Hektoen Award.

Southington librarians Cindy Wall, left, and Lynn Pawloski, right are this year’s recipients of the Faith Hektoen Award.

Cindy Wall and Lynn Pawloski, Children’s Librarians at Southington Library and Museum, were recently named as the recipients of the 2015 Faith Hektoen Award for outstanding children’s library programs.

The Faith Hektoen Award is presented annually by the Children’s Section of the Connecticut Library Association to recognize the efforts of an individual or group that has made an impact on library services to children in Connecticut at the local, regional, or state level. Developed in 1979, the award is named for Faith Hektoen, who served for over 20 years as the first State Consultant for Children’s Services.

Wall and Pawloski were recognized for their multi-media programs that they’ve offered at the Southington Public Library that integrate technology, arts and crafts, and electronics using a wide range of techniques and material including iPads, book apps and Raspberry Pi computers as well as down-to-earth household materials.

Following the success of these programs, the pair were invited to share their success with other children’s librarians in the state. These programs proved so popular, Cindy and Lynn were inspired to write a book. The Maker Cookbook: Recipes for Children’s and ‘Tween Library Programs was published by Libraries Unlimited last summer, extending even farther the impact these two energetic and innovative librarians have had on bringing life and excitement to the field of children’s programming in public libraries.

This summer Cindy, Lynn and the entire Children’s department staff are offering a unique summer reading program for children using exciting high-tech tools. In person registration is on-going.

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