Letter: Reader urges patience with Bradley changes

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To the Editor:

There’s a transformation taking place in healthcare today. What it will look like many years from now is difficult to envision, but there is little doubt it will be different.

Bradley Hospital has served Southington well since its founding in 1936. For decades, the leaders, doctors, and employees have done an excellent job navigating pressure from changing demographics and skyrocketing costs. I have served as a director of Bradley and then The Hospital of Central CT since the 1990’s. I understand how important Bradley Hospital is to the community. And I recognize that the campus must adapt and grow to stay relevant amidst great change.

Bradley is now part of an integrated system that has resources to focus on delivering excellent care. The business of hospitals is competitive and expensive. Resources historically directed towards serving an antiquated model of care can be better invested with a new modernized approach.

Hospitals continue to become places for people who are very sick and need attention not available in any other environment. Hospital rooms will evolve into intensive care units and technology will continue to advance, so more services are done in ambulatory settings.

Does Bradley Hospital of the past need to be saved, or do we need to create a new, more sustainable Bradley? Hartford HealthCare plans to build a new medical center on Queen Street and continue to invest and reposition Bradley into a regional center of health and 21st Century medical care. With a shift toward ambulatory care, HHC is investing millions in an improved ED with inpatient private rooms, and enhanced outpatient services.

Let’s keep an open mind and recognize that the experts at Hartford HealthCare have the bandwidth to modernize Bradley and give Southington a state-of-the-art medical care delivery system that we can all be proud to use.

Dennis Stanek, Jr., Southington

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