Generosity and kindness celebrated at Hatton

SO Celebration of Kindness-Allie Bechillo and Matthew  Rodrigues spraying Marcia Phelps' hair green (2)

On Friday, June 5, Allie Bechillo and Matthew  Rodrigues spray a cloud of green dye at their gym teacher, Marcia Phelps, during the Celebration of Kindness and Generosity at Hatton Elementary School. The “Town Meeting” event was the culmination of the school’s year-long commitment to the #bekindchallenge sponsored by Ben’s Bells, an organization dedictated to inspiring, educating, and motivating people to realize the impact of intentional kindness. Throughout the year, Hatton students, teachers, staff and its families completed over 1,200 acts of kindness that they demonstrated in a 1,200 loop paper chain. Bechillo and Rodrigues earned the opportunity to dye their teacher’s hair by raising $9,500 for charity over a period of six years.


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