Dems champion House budget


HARTFORD – The Connecticut House of Representatives backed a biennial budget package on Wednesday (HB 7-61) that propses property tax relief to working families and provides increased spending for transportation systems in the state.

“Our budget provides significant property tax relief for hardworking, middle-class families. Every town and city will receive additional state aid,” Rep. Zoni said in a press release from the House Democrats. “This will help relieve the property tax burden on families and small businesses right here at home.”

Beginning July 1, 2016, Rep. Zoni pointed out that Southington will receive additional state funding, mainly from state sales tax revenue that will be directed toward municipalities for property tax relief.

“Southington will receive an additional $1,372,214 which is a plus for local property tax payers,” Zoni said in the release.

Zoni also pointed out the budget includes a provision that veterans will now have their military retirement pay exempt from state taxation. “This is something that veterans in Southington and elsewhere have been seeking for many years,” Zoni said in the release. “It happens in this budget.”

Facing projected deficits over the next two years, over a billion dollars of cuts have been made to the current services budget. The budget also ensures significant investments in Connecticut’s crumbling transportation infrastructure, including improvements to roads, bridges and rail.

“We made the difficult choices necessary to cut more than a billion dollars over next two years,” Zoni said in the release, “and we did it while maintaining the services important to middle class families, lowering the property tax burden, and investing in Connecticut’s future.”

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