Zoni co-sponsors bill to protects electric consumers

Electricity Bills

MAY 21—A bill, co-sponsored by State Representative David Zoni (D-Southington) that bans electric power generation companies from signing up customers for electricity contracts with variable rates, was approved Wednesday in the state House of Representatives.

SB573, “An Act Concerning Variable Electric Rates” cleared the Energy and Technology Committee earlier this year and was recently passed in the state Senate.

“This is an important consumer protection bill for electric customers, particularly senior citizens, who in many cases have been victimized by these generating companies,” Rep. Zoni said in a press release from the House Democrats. “I signed on to co-sponsor this legislation early in the process after hearing and reading about so many complaints from electric customers. I look forward to this bill becoming law.”

Rep. Zoni noted in the release that AARP released a survey earlier this year that found widespread support for proposals to crack down on unscrupulous marketing practices of third-party electric suppliers and better protect electricity consumers.

Starting Oct. 1, 2015, the bill prohibits retail electric suppliers from (1) entering into variable rate contracts for residential electric generation services or (2) automatically renewing such contracts or causing them to be renewed.

The bill goes next to the Governor for his signature.

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