Barbeque buffet for YMCA summer camp scholarships

Smokin with Chris


Smokin’ with Chris on West Center St. is hosting a buffet style charity night to benefit YMCA Camp Sloper’s efforts to provide children with scholarships for summer camp.

All proceeds from each $25 ticket will go directly to Camp Sloper scholarship funds and will earn attendees a barbeque feast accompanied by the entertainment of a live band.

Camp Sloper welcomed nearly 1,300 campers last year, ten-percent of whom qualified for a scholarship to finance the two-week session, averaging $400 per camper. The day camp gave scholarships to 115 campers who demonstrated financial need, providing over fifty-thousand dollars in financial assistance in 2014.

YMCA Community Development Coordinator Donna Ayer explained that the scholarship initiative is inspired by the YMCA’s mission for equality.

In addition to helping kids be active outdoors and create lasting memories with friends, Ayer emphasized that Camp Sloper strives to make the experience “a level playing field for all kids.” She said the camp focuses on helping kids with all abilities, needs and socioeconomic backgrounds experience new activities together.

“I think it is important for kids of all economic backgrounds to experience just being a kid outdoors at camp” said Ayer.

In addition to benefiting children’s scholarships, $100 orange ribbon tickets will be available at the fundraiser to benefit young staff. From each purchase, $75 will go to the college scholarship fund for camp staff members who wish to pursue a career with children.

The fundraiser will begin at 6pm on Wednesday May, 20. Tickets may be purchased at the door at Smokin’ with Chris, at the YMCA membership services desk or online at

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