Jr. queens crowned Sunday

A new crew of representatives for the Junior Miss Southington pageant were crowned on Sunday afternoon at the Aqua Turf.
The top royalty for this year’s fund raiser for Southington Community Services and the Connecticut Children’s Medical Center were Melissa Michaud, who received a $500 scholarship as Southington’s Outstanding Miss, and Madison Yurgaitis, who received a $250 scholarship as Plantsville’s Outstanding Miss.
Contestants were judged on private interview, talent, fitness, and evening gown.
The winners were:
5 years old
Little Miss Sunshine Southington Madelyn Rose Merrifield
Little Miss Sunshine Plantsville Ayva Monteiro
Liliana Sample Fulfer- Nutmeg Cadet
7 years old
Petite Miss Southington Natalie Lukank
Petite Miss Plantsville Alivia Noelle Barbour.
9 years old
Junior Miss Southington Isabella Warner
Junior Miss Plantsville Lauren Dattilo
10-11-12 years old
Preteen Miss Southington Morgan Stavisky
Preteen Miss Plantsville Aurianna Monteiro
Ella Fleishman and Rose Anna Abbatiello – Nutmeg Cadets.
13 years old
Teen Miss Southington Demry Gdovin
Teen Miss Plantsville Lyndsey Dizenzo.
15 to 18 years old
Southington’s Outstanding Miss Melissa Michaud
Plantsville’s Outstanding Miss Madison Yurgaitis.
Carson Stifel, Nicole Nelson, Justine Griffin- Nutmeg Cadets.


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