Town Council approves sewer system evaluation


The Southington Town Council met last week to move forward with several community development projects.

The council approved a $411, 847 evaluation of the sanitary sewer system and a $960,000 water pollution control facility upgrade.

While the Sewer Committee reported that their efforts to prepare for summer have been proactive, already draining down a primary clarifier for maintenance, having increased sludge pickup to reduce odor, and having completed 30 percent of their long term sludge thickening project, the council expressed disappointment that the committee’s new superintendent in attendance.

Councilmember John Barry was discouraged that he and several members of the committee learned that former Water Pollution Control superintendent John Degioia was replaced by Mike Finara through an article in the Hartford Courant. Barry expressed concern that the new superintendent was elected without the council being consulted or even notified.

Town Attorney Sciota was asked to research the state regulations for hiring of the superintendent and the council’s authority on the Sewer Committee.

A motion passed for replacement of the bridge on Old Mountain Road, following the recommendation that Martin Laviero Contractors in Bristol head the replacement. The council approved their $904,450 bid, falling below the council’s contingencies for the $1 million predicted cost.

The council also approved the abandonment of a property on Paper Street off of Harness Drive, a scheduling of early July for the final Greenway Commons demolition, and a recommendation for Connecticut Sealing and Coating of Bethlehem to handle the $92,335 project to seal cracks across the city.

The council wished to remind the public of the budget public hearing on April 27, and encouraged Southington residents to come out and share their opinions before the council makes their decisions regarding town budgets.

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