Flanders School needs help in playground competition

Photo by photostock

Photo by photostock

Flanders Elementary School is currently in second place in a contest to win a $40,000 playground during a challenge sponsored by Colgate and ShopRite. Flanders School participates in a recycling program through Terracycle and is the only school in Southington participating in the competition.

They are looking for community support.

This contest allows daily voting with a name and email address through Monday, June 13. Flanders School has a team of parents who are entering in votes daily for anyone who has given permission to use their email addresses. They are currently entering over 1,000 emails per day, but they need more!

The school that earns the most Playground Credits between March 22 and June 13 will win the playground. Playground Credits are earned by voting or recycling through the Colgate Oral Care Brigade™ program. Each vote will count as one (1) Playground Credit.

If you would like to support Flanders School in this competition, please send your name and email address to flanderspto@gmail.com. Once your information is entered for a vote, you will receive an email asking you to confirm that it’s an active email address. Once you click on that link to confirm, the Flanders Team can then vote for you daily.

According to a press release from Flanders School, participants will not receive any spam from this contest.

For more information on this challenge, please visit: http://www.terracycle.com/en-US/colgateshopriteplayground or contact the Flanders team at flanderspto@gmail.com.

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