Getting fit just in time to hit the beach

They’re just sitting there in a drawer. Just waiting for spring to make up its mind.
Or they’re waiting for the zero hour when you hop on that plane to take in the sun in some warmer climate.
They’re your swimsuits.
Although you can’t wait for the sun to shine in your face, you also may dread what the long cold winter has done to your physique.
So how do you get into swimsuit shape?
Justin Michaels of MF Training in Bristol recommends a functional strength workout. He said a functional strength workout will get your muscles in shape (without bulking you up), which in turn will help you lose weight. To top it off, Michaels said, it will give you an attractive physique for when you do hit the beach in your favorite swimsuit.
Michaels said there is a myth that lifting weights will bulk you up and cardio is the way to go if you’re going to lose weight. But he said this isn’t true. Instead, if you build up the muscles, you make them more efficient. You increase your metabolism. And your body finds it easier to burn fat. A functional strength fitness routine of 40 to 60 minutes will work all of the muscle groups, said Michaels, increasing muscle efficiency and building balance in your physique.
If you add healthy nutrition into the mix, Michaels said you’ll see the fat burn off to reach that beach-ready physique.
The transformation isn’t instantaneous, Michaels explained. He said it should take 12 weeks to reach your goal. But he noted this is perfect timing for summer. However, he said, if you stick to the routine, some progress will be noticed in a week.
Michaels said you don’t necessarily need a one-on-one personal trainer for functional strength exercises. You can take group classes with a personal trainer, he said.
Additionally, Michaels said his fitness center, as well as any good fitness center, can help you draw up an effective nutritional plan to help you reach your goal.
MF Training is located at 190 Main St., Bristol. For more information, call (860) 906-2522 or go to


Amaryllis Rodriguez, a former contestant on ‘American Idol’ who was just crowned Miss Connecticut United States, works with MF Training’s Justin Michaels on some exercises that will help her rock her swimsuit, whether it’s on the beach or the upcoming Miss United States pageant.

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