Local Jewish congregation offers Seder for Passover

Gishrei Shalom Jewish Congregation invites the community to celebrate Passover on the seventh night of the holiday. Although the temple usually hosts a second night community Seder, this year, they will hold the event on the seventh night of the holiday, Thursday, April 9.
The congregation’s home is in the First Congregational Church of Southington. The two faith groups work with each other and maximize the use of the space in their worship schedules and religious school. Friday night services and Saturday morning Hebrew school don’t conflict with Sunday morning church services and Sunday school.
This year with Passover and Good Friday falling on the same night with Easter two days away, a second night Seder at the Church was not possible. Passover lasts for a week and thus the celebration was moved to the seventh night instead.
“This date change will allow members of the greater Southington community to join us for a Seder experience”, said Robyn Andersen, Gishrei Shalom’s president in a press release. “The Seder is filled with rituals, stories, songs and of a course a delicious, festive meal. All who wish to experience a Seder have the perfect opportunity to do so.”
The Reform congregation began formally in 1984 and includes members from many towns surrounding Southington. Over 40 families participate in a broad spectrum of programming for children and adults. Rabbi Shelley Kovar Becker serves as Gishrei Shalom’s religious leader will be leading the Seder on April 9.
The event will be held at 37 Main St., Southignton in Memorial Hall.
Tickets are $15 per adult and children under 13 are free. RSVP to (860) 276-9113 or to president@gsjc.org by Monday, April 6th.
More information can be found on the Gishrei Shalom website at www.gsjc.org.


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