Trucking route changes announced for Ideal Forging demolition

Ideal Forging Revised Traffic Flow

When officials met with the community in March, but a few days before demolition began at Ideal Forging, the biggest worry that seemed to echo from visitors was the traffic.

Critics questioned the idea of large trucks trying to maneuver the sharp turn from Center Street onto Water Street. Concerned citizens worried about large vehicles disrupting a quiet residential neighborhood on Water Street repeatedly as they enter and exit the area.

Today, officials at Weston and Sampson released an updated traffic routing plan for the heavy demolition portion of the project. The plan takes into account feedback from the public meeting as they continue to work with local officials and the Southington Police Department to minimize impact during the demolition.

All truck traffic will use the following routes:

Entrance to the site: Trucks will take Exit 4 off 691 and will continue down Route 10 and turn left onto Bristol Street. At the work site, trucks will either turn left onto South Center Street or turn right toward Factory Square to access the site.

Exit from the site: Trucks will depart along the same route.

If an alternate route is required due to construction vehicle congestion on Factory Square, trucks may exit the site on Mill Street, turn left onto Water Street, and turn left onto Center Street to access the route.

Factory Square and High Streets will be closed intermittently during active trucking periods. Residential traffic will be detoured through North Liberty Street.

According to the release, the contractor anticipates the first road closure in the next two weeks.

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