AT&T touts investments made in CT


AT&T* has invested more than $750 million in its best-in-class wireless and wired networks in Connecticut between 2012 through 2014, driving a wide range of upgrades to reliability, coverage, speed and performance for residents and business customers.

As part of its Project Velocity IP (VIP), an investment plan focused on network enhancement and expansion, a press release from the company said AT&T in 2014 made more than 40 wireless network upgrades in Connecticut including new cell sites, addition of network capacity, and new wireless high-speed Internet connections.

“With a growing range of connected home appliances, cars and wearable devices, we depend more on network connectivity than ever before,” said John Emra, president, AT&T Connecticut in a press release. “AT&T’s continued investment in Connecticut brings a host of new, innovative opportunities for residents and businesses to connect with each other and their customers.”

“The technology sector will be the driver of economic growth for the foreseeable future. For that sector to grow we need to office a fast, reliable network, which will allow our companies to expand and attract entrepreneurs to Connecticut,” said Bruce Carlson, president, Connecticut Technology Council in the press release. “With AT&T’s on-going investment, residents and businesses have the tools necessary to compete and grow.”