Police catch 3 stores selling alcohol to minors

Southington Police Dept (web)

On March 14, the Southington Police Department conducted an investigation of local stores to determine if alcoholic beverages were being sold to area youth. Officers, in conjunction with the State of CT Liquor Commission Agents and the STEPS Coalition, conducted “off” premises compliance checks on alcohol sales in the Town of Southington.

According to a police department release, officers used three minors, aged 18 and 19, to conduct “controlled purchases” at 23 local establishments.

Three stores were found to be non-compliant, but the release stated that all three stores requested identification from the minor but failed to properly identify them, resulting in selling to a minor with a valid underage ID.

The following stores were non-compliant with regulations: West Side Spirits at 718 West St., Stop and Shop at 505 North Main St., and Milldale Liquor at 1664 Meriden Waterbury Rd.

The following stores were compliant: Queen Street Liquors at 1079 Queen St.; M&R Liquor at 920 Queen St.; South Town Liquors at 685 Queen St.; World Wide Wine and Spirits at 480 Queen St.; Southington Wine and Spirits at 235 Queen St.; Liquor Outlet at 400 North Main St.; Wine Works at 1700 West St.; Country Farm Convenience at 682  West St.; Wineland at 1543 Meriden Waterbury Rd.; Little Red Store at 252 Marion Ave; Lefty’s Imported and Domestic Wines at 1207 South Main St.; South Main Liquors at 857 South Main St.; Sassy Liquors at 264 Meriden Waterbury Rd.; Super 66 Liquors at 975 Meriden Waterbury Rd.; Southington Colonial Spirits at 255 Berlin Ave.; Dairy Farms at 68 Berlin St.; Bridge Wine and Spirits at 133 West Center St.; Dairy Farms at 64 South Center St.; Price Chopper at 410 Queen St.; and Shoprite at 750 Queen St.

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