Artwork will decorate boarded windows at Gura building


Southington Community Cultural Arts (SCCA) President Mary DeCroce has enlisted ten local artists, including herself, to create artwork to place on the plywood in the window openings at the Gura building until late April when the windows are installed.

The Gura Building is going to display some local artwork for a portion of the construction project to transform the old historical building into a community arts center. The artwork is not only an opportunity for local artists to gain exposure, it’s also an opportunity to promote the future arts center.

DeCroce said that she is currently looking at sketches from the artists. Once she approves their sketches, the artist will create their artwork on pieces of 4 by 8 feet press board, which will hung over the plywood openings.

The SCCA president said that the artwork will be hung as soon as it comes in; however, she’s hoping to have it all up within the next two weeks.

DeCroce said that she was originally hoping to do a theme. But after speaking with all of the artists, she has decided against it.

“When you get 10 artists together, they’re going to want to do their own thing,” said DeCroce. “So I just let go and said to them ‘okay, be creative just do something that will knock their socks off.’”

DeCroce said that the reason the windows won’t be done until late April is because the new windows are going to be designed to replicate what the building looked like in 1925.

The windows are just getting ready to be restored,” she said. “We received a big grant from the historical preservation, and we had to get approval to make sure the windows were going to be historically accurate, but we’re really happy with the price we got to do this.”

Other aspects of the construction project are beginning to take off. DeCroce said that all the rooms have been partitioned off with metal studs and donations keep pouring in.

“We are so amazed and overwhelmed with the donations, goods, services, and money from the town,” said DeCroce. “People are giving us all kinds of stuff for the renovation. It’s absolutely wonderful.”

Some of the big items that have been donated are paint, a security system, and some of the flooring materials. DeCroce said that when the project is completed those who donated will physically become a part of the arts center.

“According to the pledge amounts, we’re going to be putting plaques all around the building,” said DeCroce. “There’s going to be plaques everywhere showing who donated the windows or the security system and everything else, so it really will be a community building.”

To donate to community arts center, contact DeCroce at mdecroce@ or 860-621-6143.

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