Summit needs new and used iPods for new music and memory program

The Summit at Plantsville is seeking new and used iPods and headsets to be used for an upcoming music and memory program.

The Summit, a Health Care and Rehabilitation Center managed by Athena Health Care Systems, is in the process of developing a Music and Memory program, and will use the donated iPods to develop the therapy.

It has been well documented that music, as a therapeutic modality offers people with dementia  an opportunity to: enhance the quality of their life by recalling memories, express feelings, improve verbal and non verbal communication and reduce stress.

Studies have shown that people with dementia have increased physical, cognitive and psychosocial capacity when provided with music. Music is involves the part of the brain that is used for emotion. This is one reason that people that cannot remember recent events are able to recall their life through music.

People with advanced dementia can respond to music by smiling, moving their hands or feet, crying, laughing ,singing or in so many other ways.

If you have a new or used iPod to donate, contact Barbara Blau at (860)628-0364.

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