Proposal to name I-84 bridge in memory of a Southington officer


State Rep. David Zoni is hoping to honor Lieutenant Michael Shanley, a Southington police officer who passed away last fall, by naming a local bridge in memory of Shanley. Zoni proposed renaming the westbound bridge at exit 32 on I-84 at Queen St. name after the former detective.

According to a press release, the recognition is pending approval by the Connecticut Transportation Committee.

Southington Police Chief Jack Daly said that Shanley served with the local police department for 29 years, and he supervised the detective division. Daly also shared a personal tie to Shanley that goes back to a time before they were officers.

“He was actually a good friend of mine,” said Daly. “He dedicated his life to police work, and he was very good at it.”

Daly said Shanley deserves this recognition and hopes to see the proposal pass.

“He’ll always be a part of the community, and I think this just makes it more permanent,” said the chief.

The eastbound side of the bridge at exit 32 on I-84 is named after Southington resident and State Trooper John Dolan, who passed away in 2002. Daly said that naming the westbound bridge after Shanley would be an appropriate match.

“I think it’s very fitting that his name will appear near Trooper Dolan, he was actually a good friend of his,” said Daly. “So it’s very fitting that they would be recognized right next to each other.”

Rep. Zoni shared his reasoning for pursuing this legislation.

“It is appropriate that we honor these mem who dedicated their lives to protecting the citizens of Southington and Connecticut,” said Zoni in a press release. “So, I believe it is fitting that pending approval of the legislation, both sides of the bridge at exit 32, Queen Street, will be designated to honor each of these dedicate public servants.”

According to the press release, if the proposal passes, a naming ceremony will be held later this year.

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