Letter: Reader urges residents to speak out about chip seal

To the editor:

I would like to express my views and concerns on chip seal road repair. When road repairs were started last summer on roads that I traveled daily, I was glad to see the roads being repaved. After driving on roads that had been chip seal repaired, I keep waiting for the roads to stop throwing up road chips. After months of the road throwing up road chips, it seemed to have settled down, at least in the middle of the roads.

Then cold weather, below freezing, and road chips are still being thrown up on the roads that I travel on daily. When is this going to stop? I understand the road needs to settle but six months after the town repaired the road, chips are still hitting my car.

Chip seal road repair was not explained to residents. I thought in the beginning, driving on these roads, that they were not done and talking with many residents, they still think the town is coming back in the spring to finish the roads.

I understand that the chip seal road repair system is cheaper than repaving a road. Is the cheaper cost worth the chips that we are getting on our windshields and bodies of our vehicles? How about the people who live on these streets and their snow blowers, lawn mowers, along with their lawns and sidewalks that are being damaged by the road chips? There is a danger of having one of these road chips hitting an adult or child in the eye while snow blowing or mowing the lawn.

The roads that I am talking about are Maplewood Road, Melcon Drive, West Ridge Road, Amato Circle, roads in the subdivision off Flanders Road, and roads that I do not drive on that our chip sealed.

I have talked to many people who live on these streets and drive these streets. They have the same concerns. Other roads are scheduled to be chip sealed starting in the spring. I do not believe chip sealing roads is the right choice for Southington, we are not a rural town anymore.

If you live on, drive on, or have an opinion on chip sealed roads in Southington, please send a quick email, if only one sentence, to towncouncilmembers@Southington.org to voice your opinion.

Helen Henne, Southington resident

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