The very young at heart

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On Thursday, Feb. 12, Southington schools celebrated the 100th day of school for the academic year.

For the past three years, Thalberg School first graders have been celebrating this day by dressing up as 100-year-old men and women.

“It’s just something fun to do,” explained first grader teacher Amy Stino.

The students all had their own original style. Some were all decked out, ready to hit the golf course. Others wore house coats with their hair in curlers and kerchiefs.

“I picked out my outfit with a little help from my mom.” Alisa Zharku, a first grader, said, “I found everything I needed for my outfit around my house. I didn’t need to buy anything special.”

Recognizing the 100th day of school reminds the students of how far they have come in the school year. Cara Alstrits said, “The 100th day of school came fairly quickly for me. Maybe it is because I like school.”

Some of the students are looking ahead to the days to come. Laura Esguerra stated, “It does seem like a long time until summer vacation. I think it because of all of the snow on the ground.”

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Thalberg-teacher-Amy Stino, Dawn Rose, Keith O'Brien, and Kim Angelillo Thalberg-Jayla Malinowski, Emma Silverman, and Cara Specyalski (2) Thalberg-Jayla Malinowski, Emma Silverman, and Cara Specyalski (1) Thalberg-Gavyn Levesque Thalberg-Caleb  Gordon borrow's his grandfather's cane for the day Thalberg-Caleb  Gordon (1)

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