Council selects a Commodity manager to fight energy costs


The Town Council has approved to hire Titan Energy as a commodity manager to evaluate the town’s energy expenses, and this position will be equally funded by the Board of Education (BOE) and Board of Finance (BOF).

As the commodity manager, Town Manager Garry Brumback said that the company will be “managing all of the various energy components” in town.

The town received eight bids for this job and narrowed it down to Woodard and Curran from Cheshire and Titan Energy from Rocky Hill. Brumback said the Board of Finance recommended Titan Energy for a number of reasons.

Not only was the company offering the best price, by far. of all the bids, but Brumback said that Titan Energy was already working on similar energy saving projects throughout New England.

“We are among many towns, Mansfield, Lebanon, Farmington, Fairfield University, Nantucket, and they’re working with all of the YMCA’s in Connecticut,” said Brumback. “The reason that Titan was so attractive to the panel that is making this recommendation is that they understand both the production and the consumption side of this.”

Titan Energy will be looking at all of the energy projects the town is currently looking at like Turning Earth and Quantum, and the solar panel projects currently being built at one school and soon to be built at other locations.

Brumback also said Titan Energy will participate in the Energy Committee by attending the meetings and offering reports regarding the energy efficiency, energy production, and energy consumption.

“We are generating power, consuming power, and trying to save power all at the same time, and they have expertise in all of those areas. That expertise and the rave reviews with the people with whom they’re already working is why we’re making that selection,” said Brumback. “The fact that they were significantly less expensive is just an added benefit.”

The town’s utility bill is currently $3 million a year and the town is hoping Titan Energy will be able to reduce that bill by evaluating ways to generate electricity with solar projects and bio solids, reducing consumption, and finding energy efficiencies.

Titan Energy will be charging $9,200 for their services during the three year contract. This expense will be split between the BOF and the BOE costing each about $1,500 per year. Not only did Titan offer the lowest price, but Brumback said that they are expecting that the energy savings Titan will find will exceed the price of the contact.

“We expect to significantly make more than what we’re being charged for this function just based on their expertise,” said Brumback.

Town Councilor Tom Lombardi, who was in favor of the hire, requested that the engineering department report to the Council on the savings the town is experiencing every year throughout the contract to justify the $9,200 expense.

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