‘Love Impacts’ relationship seminar begins Feb. 28

A new seminar series is being offered in the Southington area that is aimed at recharging, reconnecting, and restoring relationships. The series will kick-off with its first installment on Saturday, Feb. 28 and will continue with sessions on March 14 and March 28.

Melissa Ericksen-Salmon will direct the conversation. For over 20 years, she has been studying two forms of Japanese psychology Morita and Naikan. She is certified by the ToDo Institute, an education and retreat center located in Monkton Vermont and has an education that incorporated Zen Buddhism, Gestalt, The Silva Method, Mind Dynamics, and many other philosophies. She is currently a Justice of the Peace and has performed over 150 weddings.

Raised in a family of divorced parents, has been married and divorced and has learned a lot.

“Since love is the most powerful emotion we share, it plays a key part towards reaching our greatest potential,” she said in a press release announcing the seminars. “A positive foundation for love allows us the freedoms to pursue our individual purpose, which will lead us to fulfilling our unique destinies.”

Each seminar will run for 1-2 hours, and couples will be presented tools to enhance their relationships. The first session is free. Each additional session will cost $25 per person. The seminars begin at 11 a.m., and space is limited.

Contact Melissa at (860) 276-1966 or email her at abalancedlife@aol.com.

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