Hockey falls to Rockville


WEST HARTFORD—The Hall-Southington Warrior-Knights (4-9) ice hockey team was home at the Veterans Memorial Ice Rink on Wednesday night, Feb. 4 taking on Coventry-Bolton-Rockville (4-9) in the third of the six-game home stretch.

CBR got it going first, with a goal by Nick LeGeyt with 13:08 in the first period and a goal by Calvin Tonzi with 12:06 in the second period, going up 2-0.

Ocean Curling answered back, scoring the first goal of the night for the Warrior-Knights, making the score 2-1 with 10:07 to play in the third period.

The Warrior-Knights would have good looks inside the offensive zone and close opportunities of tying the score up in the final minutes of the game, one of those chances coming on a fallen goalie. But Curling’s goal would be the only goal of the night for the Warrior-Knights, as they were defeated 2-1.

Although the Warrior-Knights lost in a what-could-have-been game, Hall-Southington coach Brian Cannon still thought his team showed much improvement after last week’s showing against Smith-Tolland-Windham.

“We played a reasonably, smart, physical game,” said Cannon. “We had kids going to pucks and taking a little bit of a hit, who normally turn off of pucks or neglect to go to them. We were doing a little bit of digging. Our floor check could have been better. It was a little unfocused. The kids were skating around working hard, but it wasn’t really cohesive, which didn’t help in the offensive zone. But overall, the kids played well.”

Cannon said he thought the turning point of the game was when his boys coughed up the second goal.

“The first one was just a bad giveaway in our own zone,” said Cannon. “But you can overcome that. You come back, you score a goal, and everything’s evened up. You start with a clean slate. But then we came out in the second period and did it again. There was no support and no one was back-checking like they should’ve been.”

As opposed to last game, Cannon said he saw a team that came ready to play this time around.

“We just didn’t get it done in terms of putting the puck in the net,” said the coach. “We had a couple of tough breaks on glaring errors that they scored two goals on. We put a lot of pressure on them, took a lot of shots, shot a lot of pucks wide, and had some shots blocked. But I thought we really, strongly carried the play through two and a half periods.”

Erich Bender had 28 saves for the Warrior-Knights. Connor McGrath had 22 saves for CBR.

The Warrior-Knights look to recover on the ice this weekend against Woodstock.

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