Anita Siarkowski earns CMSA December spotlight

Anita Siarkowski is in the CMSA December spotlight.

Anita Siarkowski is in the CMSA December spotlight.

The Case Management Society of America’s (CMSA) December spotlight fell on Anita Siarkowski of Plantsville, a registered nurse and St. Mary’s Hospital graduate. Siarkowski joined CMSA when she was certified in case management in 1997 and was promoted to the Board of Directors in 2012. Her nursing career encompasses hospital-long term facility staffing, private duty, home care, occupational health, medical underwriting, vocational counseling, and disability/worker’s compensation case management.

Siarkowski earned the Certificate of Creativity for the maximum (35) “Ideas That Work” campaign, achieved phenomenal cost-savings ($35,000 in one instance), resolved endemic dermatitis plagues in private industry and state group homes, implemented the timeliest case resolutions, attained the maximum return-to-work rate statewide, and was professed the most action-oriented of 25 Registered Nurses and Vocational Case Managers.

Siarkowski continued to be a leader with procedures and supervision, and she became a mentor within the nursing staff. She was named “Superstar of the Year” during her three-years as a pool nurse, attributed to her professionalism, flexibility, and reliability. She composed “A Turn for the Nurse”, a comical account of the diversity encountered in multiple medical environments, and Siarkowski was named as the CMSA official greeter at organization events.

Siarkowski partnered with her son, Bret Siarkowski, to design a comprehensive software product for nurse case managers. Her husband, Bob also contributed to the development of the patented product as trouble shooter. CaseNET, with over 100 employees, is based in Bedford, Massachusetts.

As a member of the Southington Ecumenical Laity, Anita integrated the spiritual aspect of healing by spearheading the committee to procure permission and space for a non-denominational meditation room at Hospital of Central Connecticut, Bradley Campus. She is a parishioner of the Immaculate Conception Church in Southington, has been a member of the church council, and served as president of the Immaculata Women’s Club for the past 6 years.

Based on her impact in the healthcare arena, Siarkowski was recently nominated for Dorland/Decision Health’s Platinum “Award of Service Excellence.”

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