PZC lifts RV regulations

Photo by Gualberto107

Photo by Gualberto107


The Planning and Zoning Commission removed several of the recreational vehicle (RV) regulations after months of discussion and revision.

After more RV owners came forward at the second public hearing for this regulation on Jan. 6, the PZC decided that too many regulations would only put an unnecessary strain on tax-paying RV owners who have already invested a lot of money into these vehicles.

Town Attorney Mark Sciota described the current regulation as a “nightmare” and advised that the PZC either pass the proposed regulation or not regulate the vehicles at all.

The commissioners agreed that the existing legislation was confusing, but some members of the commission questioned if RVs were a real problem in town.

“In the world of zoning complaints, this is a very minor issue,” said Sciota.

The PZC has decided that they will not limit the number of RV’s on a property as long as they are registered, there will be no required screening of the vehicles to accommodate the visual impact on neighbors, and parking and storage regulations were entirely removed from the regulation.

Essentially, RV’s will now be treated the same as any other motor vehicle.

The only parts of the proposed regulation that will be put into effect is the definition of an RV, required registration for RVs, and the requirement that the RV not be used as a primary dwelling.

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