Editorial: Lordy, Lordy, look who’s 40

40th anniversary (web)

In December, The Observer will celebrate 40 years of continuous local coverage. It’s already been 10 years since the Step Saver and The Observer have combined into one voice for the local community.

To kick off our year-long celebration, we will reprint the editorial from Dec. 3, 1975 when our paper’s former president pledged his commitment to local news in our first edition:

A Community Voice

In every community there exists a need for a central voice – for a vehicle to mirror and record the life of their community.

There’s always been this need to recognize the accomplishments of our neighbors, our relatives, our friends, and naturally, our foes – whether the deeds are achieved in school, on the field of sports, in business, or exercising social and community leadership.

For over 100 years the Town of Southington had its own newspaper reflecting the moods of the people, reporting the news both happy and sad. It is in this tradition that we, once again, will have a local voice in The Observer – a voice to report current news, social events, sports, farm and garden events, and to be a forum to reflect both sides of all issues pertinent to our lives.

Local news will be The Observer’s heartbeat.

To perpetuate the tradition of a good, sound, healthy voice for the community we have Andrew W. Nelson III, as Editor-In-Chief, who will mold this news vehicle to meet the contemporary needs of our community. With today’s first issue we will make every effort to bring you – the people of Southington – the very best weekly newspaper in this area, just as our sister publication, The Step Saver, has become the voice of the advertiser in Southington and surrounding communities. The Observer will be delivered to every home and business in Southington every Wednesday of the year, with the exception of certain holidays.

Southington is your community and The Observer is your newspaper.

The birth of The Observer is taking place at a time when the American press is being regarded with an ever increasing measure of seriousness by the general public.

We think the readers of this newspaper deserve more than amusement and distraction. We think the reader would like to read more about people who are interesting not only because they have won an award or have been the victim of circumstances, but the people who are worthy for what they think and say.

It is The Observer’s duty to explore the issues facing our readers and report them on our news pages – fairly and squarely.

It’s our duty to stand up and be counted. And we will. We believe that one of the most important parts of The Observer is its editorial page. It is there that a local forum becomes alive; it is there that editorial comment becomes the voice of the community.

Just as the news pages of The Observer are yours; the editorial page is yours. And so it should be.

We will always welcome any comments that you may have concerning our effort to bring you the best news coverage of Southington – and we sincerely look forward to serving you.

Anthony L. Urillo, President, The Step Saver Inc.

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