Tree harvest at Crescent Lake


Thirty five acres of trees in the 200 acre Crescent Lake property in Southington will be harvested as a part of the management plan for the property.

The town has hired forester Eric Hansen to oversee the tree harvesting project. Assistant Town Planner David Lavallee said about one-third of the mature trees will be removed from the property and that there will be “a noticeable thinning, but not overly egregious.”

According to Lavallee, it will take Hansen about two months to prepare paperwork and put the harvest out to bid. Between leading potential buyers through the site and selecting the highest bidder, the process is expected to take four-months.

Designated routes and work areas will be determined by the harvester after consulting with the environmental planner regarding wetland issues.

The project will begin with an invasive species treatment in the late summer or early fall to decrease the amount of invasive, non-native plant species at the property, before the harvest.

The tree harvest is expected to take two months; however, it will not largely impact regular use of the property.

“Portions of the trail will likely be closed during the harvest on weekdays, but weekends should have full access available,” said Lavallee.

The trees along the trails that intended for removal will be marked this winter.

According to a public notice about the project, harvesting trees is a part of forest management and is recommended in the recent Forest Management Plan of the University of Connecticut College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

“Trees are harvested to promote overall forest health, enhance wildlife habitat, and to produce forest products,” said the public notice.

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