Expanding the water system in Southington



The Town Council unanimously approved a bond ordinance for over $5 million, which is going to be a low-interest loan from the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund, for the Water Department to design and construct the Eastside Pressure Zone project.

According to Superintendent of the Water Department Fred Rogers, last year the board decided that they wanted to create an East Side Pressure Zone that will improve water supply for private water use, increase fire protection, and expand the water system possibly allowing residents in the area to join the system.

Rogers explained to the council the project would separate the water supply to the East side of route 10, which includes a storage tank and some land off of Andrews Street and on Smith Street.

“We’re going to locate a pump station on the high school property, which will feed the tank and approximately 2,500 feet of water main,” said Rogers, who said it will improve the water supply specifically on Chesterwood Terrace and Windermere Ridge.

Without any opposition regarding the ordinance, the town council approved the bond ordinance at 8-0.

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