SHS atrium to get new roof


The Town Council unanimously approved a bond ordinance of $407,000 for the replacement of the roof at the atrium of Southington High School.
There was a public hearing for the ordinance held at the beginning of the meeting, however, the public remained mum.
Director of Operations for the Southington Public Schools Peter Romano said leakage has been an ongoing problem in the atrium area.
“We’re looking to do a responsible design that will consider the structure of it as well as the aesthetics of it,” said Romano.
He said the area is often used for executive level meetings and the current roof tends to be dirty, because it is made of plexiglass. According to Romano, aesthetics will be considered, but not at the cost of the building’s original design.
“Although, the high school is the flagship of the Southington school system, we do want to be responsible to what the design is,” said Romano.
Romano shared with the council that the next step is to hire an architect and engineer to get some designs prepared. He also explained multiple designs will be drawn up, so that there will be back up plans in case the original plan does not work within the budget.
Romano said he is hoping the designs will be complete by late December or early January, so that bids for the project can be opened.
“The work would obviously not open while the school is in session, but it’s a very good bid climate to be out in February,” said Romano. “The contractors are aggressive and we’d like to hit the ground running as soon as school is out of sessions.”

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