Voters get their say on Election Day

Editor’s note: Due to press deadlines, results for Tuesday’s election will be on-line at www.
Many of the voters at the polls on Tuesday had similar concerns including taxes and the race for governor.
“I am hoping that somebody can make some changes for the betterment of the community as far as taxes are concerned,” said Southington resident Michelle Costello.
She said that she had only been contacted by State Rep. Dave Zoni, the Democratic incumbent running for reelection in the 81st Assembly district.
“He’s the only one that connected with me,” said Costello.
As far as the governor’s race, she said that she felt the candidates were “at each other’s throats.
Another voter Barbara Rosenbaum said that she was most interested in having a say in the governor’s race, despite her disdain for the campaign advertising.
“I am so tired of those ads and I don’t even answer the phone anymore, I let the machine pick it up,” said Rosenbaum. “Have they ever heard of discussing the issues?”
Rosenbaum said she was looking for more reasonable debate during this election to understand each candidate’s views.
However, Rosenbaum said she wouldn’t let the campaign tactics stop her from performing her civic duty.
“I have not missed an election since I was 21 and I’m 89 now,” said Rosenbaum. “You vote because you should vote.”
A voter at Derynoski Elementary School said she wasn’t pleased with the amount of mail she was receiving.
“A lot of pamphlets came in the mail and a lot of phone calls this year, which I wasn’t too thrilled about,” she said. “We didn’t answer our phone very much.”
Her husband agreed and said he felt negative ads got in the way this year.
“We only saw a few ads that said what the candidates were actually going to do, but it was mostly negative,” said the man.
Another voter at Derynoski said she felt that the campaigns were run too negatively this year. “The person that’s already in office should say what they have done and not speak negatively about the other person,” said the woman. “Malloy should be able to run on his record not on negative campaigning against someone else.”
By 3 p.m., turn out at both Derynoski School and DePaolo Middle School had exceeded 1,100 votes each.
“I think it’s going to be a record turnout,” said a poll worker at DePaolo. “It’s probably the best I’ve seen in about five elections that I’ve been here.”
According to the poll worker, there hadn’t been a lull all day and he expected the traffic at the school to heighten between 5 and 7 p.m. when more people got out of work.
“We’ve had so many seniors voting today,” said the poll worker. “It felt like it was almost the entire town down here voting.”
Another poll worker at Derynoski estimated they received about 37 percent of the votes for that area.
“If things go according to plan, we should end up with close to 60 percent at least in the mid-50s,” said the Derynoski poll worker.
According to the worker, Derynoski School gets an average of somewhere between 60 and 70 percent of votes in the area for presidential elections, which tends to garner more interest.
However, according to to the pollworker, the race for governor seemed to be attracting a lot of voters.
“It’s supposed to be neck and neck, I’ve heard it’s going to be very close,” said the poll worker.


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