Southington 2014 Election Results Revealed

Southington residents took to the polls on Election Day to have their say on who will represent them as well as how the town should spend its money.

Incumbent Democrat John Larson defeated Republican candidate Matthew Corey in the First Congressional District race. Larson, who will be serving for his ninth term, received 8008 votes from Southington voters while Corey received 7568 votes.

Republican State Senator Joe Markley will serve another term for the 16th District. The majority of Southington voters opted for Markley who received  10,771 votes. Democrat Christopher Roberston, who decided to run for office in August, brought in 2826 votes.

Another incumbent to hold his position is Democrat Dave Zoni who won in the race for State Rep. for the 81st Assembly District with 4442 votes. Zoni was opposed by Republican Albert Natelli, who received 3941 votes.

Republican State Rep. for the 80th Assembly District Rob Sampson was also able to secure his position representing Southington and Wolcott. Sampson received 1540 votes in Southington, defeating Democrat John Mazurek who collected 946 votes.

Southington voters supported State Rep. Alfred Adinolfi to continue to represent Southington and Wallingford for the 103rd District.  Adinolfi was challenged by Democrat Kristin Selleck, who received 671, while Adinolfi received 798.

State Rep. for the 30th Assembly District Joe Aresimowicz ran unopposed to represent Berlin and Southington. He received 2478 votes in Southington.

Four referendum questions, which were shared on the town’s website a couple weeks ago along with background information, also appeared on the ballot.

The first question was a state-wide question, which asked if the state should remove restrictions regarding absentee ballots. This would allow for people to vote without attending a designated polling place on election day. Southington voters were not in support of removing absentee ballot restrictions as 9516 votes “no” and 6276 votes “yes.”

The second question on the ballot was for authorization for the Town of Southington to spend $5,200,000 on sludge thickening and odor control at the Southington Water Pollution Control Facility. This issue has been a prime topic of discussion in town, as several odor complaints started to come in last month. Southington voters supported the initiative to improve the facility as it received 8762 votes “yes.”

Despite the majority of Southington voters responding in support of the second question, another sewage issue did not receive the same support. The third question on the ballot asked whether the town should spend $2,640,000 for sanitary sewer improvements on Welch Road. The question was shot down by voters who responded with 8590 votes “no” and 69798 votes “yes.”

The last question was one that results revealed had the most support, which was to spend $11,000,000 to finance various road and bridge improvements. This question received 11,040 votes in support of the roadwork and 4759 opposed.

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