Q&A with House District 81 incumbent Dave Zoni

David Zoni is a small business owner and the incumbent state representative. Dave is a life-long resident and local businessman. In the General Assembly he serves as a member of the Public Health, Aging and Finance, Revenue and Bonding Committees.
Serving two terms on the Southington Town Council, Dave created Southington’s first Fiscal Policy and developed the “Rescue-A-Buck”  program. He served as chairman of the Charter Revision, Ethics Review, Energy and Senior Tax Relief committees. He was also a member of the Open Space committee.
Dave is a member of Chamber of Commerce, the UNICO Club, were he currently serves as its President, the Rotary Club, the Elks Club, the Son’s of Italy and the Italian-American Festival and the Drive-in Committees. Dave is a graduate of Hartford State Technical College and attended Quinnipiac University. Zoni and his wife Susan have been married for 39 years and have two sons, David J. Zoni and Steven C. Zoni Esq.

1.)   What do you think is the biggest issue or issues that Southington is facing that could be addressed by a state rep. and how would you address it/them?
As a person who is engaged in the community at many different levels, the concerns that I hear most often focus on property taxes. Most Southington residents feel that the reliance on property taxes to fund local government is burdensome to folks on fixed incomes and young working families struggling with housing, transportation and energy costs. As a state representative I have worked with my fellow legislators in a bipartisan special commission to address this issue. I believe we need to have a tax structure that shares the various tax venues available to the State with our municipalities.
In addition to property tax reform, many Southington residents are concerned that their children are provided a quality education at an affordable cost. Parents are also struggling with the cost of higher education. I will continue to fight for affordable educational opportunities, reductions to unnecessary mandates and enduring that today’s children are prepared for tomorrow’s jobs.
Access to quality healthcare and preservation of our community hospital is a high priority for many residents. As a member of the legislature’s Public Health Committee, I will work to ensure that access to emergency care, as well as, the necessary venues of quality health delivery services are available for Southington residents. I will also advocate for the maximize utilization of our community hospital.
Southington residents are also concerned with over-development and the preservation of our open spaces. I will continue to support state funding for open space acquisitions as well as economic development resources for our agricultural businesses.  Southington residents are concerned with our community’s infrastructure, roads and bridges as well as our water and sewer systems. I will continue to fight for state funding for infrastructure improvements as well as work to reduce unfunded and costly mandates that increase the cost of providing these infrastructure needs.
And lastly, all Southington residents are concerned with crime and public safety. I will continue to support legislation that keeps criminals off our streets and provides law enforcement the tools and resources to keep us safe. I will also continue fighting for legislation that enhances fire protection and first responder services.

2.)   What is the biggest issue or issues facing Connecticut and how would you address it/them?
Budget/taxes: I’ve worked at the state level to make sure that the budget provided funds to Southington that prevented property tax increases this past year. We need to review all mandates in order to help both state and town budgets remain under control.
Education: I was proud to support an initiative that provided for universal pre-k and early childhood education initiatives because every kid deserves a quality education. Southington residents have come to expect that their children will receive the best education services possible, I am proud that this is the standard that is set, and I will fight to make sure that our students remain some of the top in the state.
Economy/Jobs: Our economy and jobs for my district remains my top priority. I voted to invest in manufacturing tax credits to grow businesses and create jobs. I also want to review and eliminate regulations and mandates that small businesses face in this state that make it difficult to do business here. I will also continue to support issues like STEP-Up program that assists small businesses and our returning military personnel and the Small Business Express Program that helps Connecticut grow and create jobs.
Environment: Protecting our open space, parks and athletic fields in Southington is important to me. I’ve spent the summer walking and riding on every street in my district. When you are able to see it in this manner it helps you to really appreciate where we live and some of the natural jewels that we have. Making sure that future generations are able to enjoy and use our open space remains a priority of mine.

Dave Zoni

Dave Zoni

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