Q&A with 80th House district challenger John ‘Corky’ Mazurek

John “Corky” Mazurek was born and raised in the east end of Waterbury, where he lived for 24 years. He has been a Wolcott resident for 37 years, where he lives with his wife Cindy and two children, Kara and Paul.
Mazurek formerly represented Southington in the 80th district from 2003-2010.
He has been employed at Pratt & Whitney-Materials and Process Engineering since 1996.
Mazurek is an active supporter of Connecticut Red Cross, Wolcott Special Olympics, Connecticut Special Olympics, Toys for Tots, Food Baskets for the Needy, Citizens Against Substance Abuse, Wolcott High School Post Prom Party, Wolcott Police DARE Program and Easter Seal Camp Hemlocks.
He has worked with or served with various organizations and community groups in Wolcott, including the Wolcott Fish and Game Club, the Zoning Board of Appeals, the Democratic Town Committee (Chairman-2001-2002), Wolcott Sewer and Water, the Wolcott VFW Post 1979 Men’s Auxiliary and other groups.
He has won several awards, including the Wolcott Lions Club Lion of the Year, the Melvin Jones Award, the Brian P. Borhesi Award from the Wolcott Circle of Sports and the Alumni of the Year from Central Connecticut State University.
1.)   What do you think is the biggest issue or issues that Southington is facing that could be addressed by a state rep. and how would you address it/them?
I believe the biggest issues facing Southington are how to maintain a wide array of services in the face of a sluggish economy and flat funded state assistance. While the lion’s share of new educational dollars go the cities, our towns are flat funded in education and unfunded in road repair. This places the entire burden on the taxpayer. Additionally, state grants for local projects are very important because without them, infrastructure improvements are paid by the local taxpayer. As your state representative, providing state dollars to Southington will be my top priority.

2.)   What is the biggest issue or issues facing Connecticut and how would you address it/them?
I believe the largest issues facing Southington are the same issues facing Wolcott and many other middle class, working family towns in Connecticut. The general economy is our problem. Unemployment is still too high. This leads to unpaid property taxes, vacant homes, and cascades into a poor business climate. If you are not employed or under employed, you will not support area businesses. All of this translates into higher taxes that we all pay to support current town services. The solution lies in creating a business friendly environment and tax climate in Connecticut. We as a state need to provide incentives to business to remain in the state, to hire employees, and to grow their business.

John "Corky" Mazurek

John “Corky” Mazurek

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