Town to live stream meetings

By Lindsay Carey
Staff Writer
The town is moving a step further into the digital age, as it will now offer live streaming of a few select town meetings that take place at the Municipal Center. The meetings will stream via the town’s website,
According to IT Director Jay Baker, from now on, all Town Council, Board of Education and Planning and Zoning Commission meetings will be available live online. Baker said that he came up with the idea because he feels that it will make keeping up to date on what’s going on in town more convenient for residents.
“I think that some people might like to view the meetings, but don’t have the means to come out to the actual meeting,” said Baker.
He also said that meetings will be available on demand as well, which is something that the town already offers. However, the new interface will allow people to live stream meetings and watch old meetings on demand using their smart phones.
“Say someone really wants to come to a meeting, but their kid has soccer practice or something,” said Baker. “They can watch it on their mobile device.”
According to Baker, this new plan is also going to save the town money. Using the old process for recording and posting videos from town meetings required the video to be converted to a web format. However, Baker said that now that the town will have a new interface and live streaming capability that will no longer necessary.
The first live stream was available for the Town Council meeting on Oct. 27.
“It gives the residents another option if they can’t attend a meeting,” said Town Clerk Kathy Larkin. “They will still be able to see it going on as the meeting is happening.”
To access the live stream, Baker said that individuals can go to and click on the “Government” tab. Once connected to the “Government” tab, click on the tab on the left hand side that reads “Agendas, Minutes, Live Stream and Videos” and, at the top of the page, it should say “Live Stream Meetings.”
There is a link beneath that title that reads “Click here to view Live Stream” and if there is a meeting currently going on that link will connect to the live feed.
For a direct link to the live stream, visit Note that this link will only work while a meeting is in progress. Southington logo cmyk

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