Bloom Yoga is now licensed to train instructors

By Lindsay Carey
Staff Writer
Bloom Yoga Fitness Studios in Southington is now approved by Yoga Alliance as a yoga school and individuals can now become certified yoga instructors through a 200 hour training program created by the owner and her daughters.
A recent class quickly sold out, with 24 yoga instructors in training.
Bloom Yoga Owner Julie Wallace was not always been a successful yogi and business owner. She had to change her life completely to figure out what she really wanted.
Just ten years ago, Wallace was married with four children and worked as a stay at home mom in Colorado. She said that she was overweight and unhappy with her life.
When her marriage started going south and was heading for divorce, Wallace had to reevaluate what she was going to do.
“In that course of time I really did lose sight of who I was,” said Wallace. “I really just hit bottom at that point.”
In an effort to lose weight, Wallace said she joined Crossfit with her friends and gradually began to lose weight and get back into shape. For the first time, she began to embrace fitness.
Her daughter Morgan Wallace received her yoga certification during this time and started teaching yoga out of a dance studio. Julie Wallace said that she started going to her daughter’s classes, because it helped with the soreness she was experiencing from Crossfit.
“I hated it at first, but in time I really fell in love with yoga,” said Wallace. “It was making my body feel a lot better.”
With a desire to open a yoga business, Wallace’s daughter convinced her to become a certified teacher.
After some thought, Wallace traveled to an ashram in Nasik, India to complete a 250 hour training program that she said totally transformed her life.
“I think what got me to where I am now is that when I was in India, I really started to learn what limitations existed in my own mind,” said Wallace. “Fear is what holds people back and I really started to conquer those fears.”
Wallace had never been out of the U.S. before and going to India by herself was the first step she took to conquering her fears.
“It was as far out of my comfort zone as I could get,” said Wallace.
Though difficult, she embraced the discomfort she felt and as a result, at 44 years old, Wallace graduated with the highest rank in her class and returned home with a new found self assurance.
Wallace opened Bloom Studios initially in Colorado. in one room of a dance studio. However, just four years ago, Wallace took a leap of faith and moved the studio to Southington.  The studio opened with about 1,000 sq feet of space, above Café del Mundo.
Bloom Yoga is now located at 92 N. Summit Street with about 10,000 sq. feet. Wallace said it’s everything she always imagined.
Bloom Yoga offers around 70 classes per week including yoga, fitness and meditation classes. There are three studio spaces, an outdoor meditation area with a fire pit, and the training classroom for yoga instructors.
According to Wallace, the studio sees about 650 to 700 students per week, between classes and weekend workshops in fitness, yoga, and life coaching. The facility also recently opened a retail space in the lobby and a daycare for moms that want to stay fit.
Wallace’s oldest daughter Bethany also became a certified teacher, which Wallace believes contributed to their success. Today, both of her daughters work at the studio full time and help manage it.
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