Local theatre group to perform ‘Steel Magnolias’

By Lindsay Carey
Staff Writer
Southington Community Theatre (SCT) is presenting a performance of “Steel Magnolias,” which was originally a screenplay by Robert Harling about six women connecting.
The play will be performed with Kelly Stuper as “Truvi,” Autumn Sheffy as “Shelby,” Helen Crowley as “Clairee,” Tiffany Sobato as “Annelle,” Heidi Bass Lamberto as “M’Lynn,” Patricia Hackett as “Ouiser” on September 11, 12, 13 at 7:30 p.m. at Plantsville Congregational Church.
Peter Pristic will be the producer and Tony Lamberto is directing the show.
Lamberto said he feels this play is something special, because it draws on real life issues among women friends.
“It runs the gamut of emotions, so from belly laughter, which actually happens throughout most of the show, it actually turns on the dime to where you actually are sobbing and grabbing a tissue,” said the director.
Much of the cast said that they feel the play is both funny and light heart, yet still relatable.
“There is something or someone you can relate to on stage,” said Bass Lamberto.
The cast said it took them some time to get comfortable in their characters bodies, because of their unique experiences and personalities.
Sixteen-year-old Sheffy is crossing into new territory through her character “Shelby,” who is getting married and cannot bear children because of her complications with diabetes, because she had those kinds of challenges and life experiences at her age.
Bass Lamberto seemed to share this struggle. Though she is similar to her character “M’Lynn,” because they are both mothers their experiences as mothers have been different.
Bass Lamberto said that at first it was difficult for her to even read the pages of the script, because she couldn’t fathom the hurt that a mother must have when she loses her child.
Personality differences have also played a role in challenging the actors to be true to their characters.
Sobato said that playing “Annelle” has been difficult for her at times, because she is a very deep and emotional character. Sobato has had to learn how to act like a reserved woman, who takes religion very seriously and she said it’s just not her.
Crowley said she is less outspoken then “Clairee,” who always has something to say.
“The great thing about theater is that as an actor you get to be and act in a way that you might normally and each of these cast members has the ability to play a character that is so unlike them in real life,” said Lamberto. “And yet they become so believable that you might think these six women have been best friends their whole lives.”
Unlike the rest of her cast mates of the actors, Stuper said that she found her character “Truvi” to be nothing more than an elevation of herself.
“It’s fun to be able to magnify who I am,” said Stuper.
Tickets are available for presale online at ww.southingtoncommunitytheatre.org for $12 for presale online and $15 at the door.

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