Gov. Malloy comes to town, visits local business

By Lindsay Carey
Staff Writer
Governor Dannel Malloy visited Smiths Medical in Southington to tour the plant and have a meeting with the staff to discuss their plans for expansion Monday afternoon.
Smiths Medical produces peripheral IV catheters with safety functions for blood control and needle stick prevention.
The site has been in town since 1975, but has only been know as Smiths Medical for the last six years. Prior to that, the site was owned by J&J.
The Southington plant on West Queen Street currently has 259 employees and the company is hoping to maintain jobs for those workers.
“We want to work for a sustainable relationship and longevity in the plant and security for the people who work here,” said Jeff Dowen, site coordinator.
Gov. Malloy was invited to tour the facility months ago and recently found the time to accept the invitation.
“This is an important business in the state of Connecticut,” said Governor Malloy. “It’s a production facility that is really quite outstanding.”
Malloy supported maintaining the longevity of the business, not only because of the large staff, but also because the medical industry is prominent in Connecticut.
“Its part of the industry that we’re very strong in,” said Malloy. “Medical research, bioscience, the implements on the tools side were also very big. It is part of really a part of our core economy in Connecticut.”
Malloy said he was looking to learn more about Smith Medical’s expansion project during a closed doors meeting held with Smiths Medical officials.
“We own multiple buildings on this site so we’re looking to utilize it,” said Dowen, detailing the expansion. “We’ve utilized it for storage for many years and we’re looking to utilize it as a manufacturing site so we’re looking for potential opportunities here at the site.”


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